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    I am trying to figure out the logic of the text comparator. I use the ReadTextFromFile plugin to read a text from a text file. The text file is updated every couple of seconds where a score is changing. With the text comparator I would like to trigger another text when a certain score is reached. On input 1 of the text comparator I have the output from the ReadTextFromFile actor and on input 2 I have a Trigger Text Actor with the text of the final score. The strange thing is that it some times works and when the score in the txt file reaches the score of the text in the Trigger Text Actor, the Text Comparator outputs a 1 and triggers true, but most of the time it doesn't work. It doesn't react at all. Is there something I am missing regarding to this Actor? Or is it possible that there goes something wrong on the side of the ReadTextFromFile Actor? Thanks!


    Windows 10, Core I7-9750H CPU 2.60GHz, 16 Gig Ram, Geforce GTX 2060

  • @a3sh

    Have you tried to change the 'notify' value to 'always'?


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    First of all, the Read Text From File actor is not really supported since this is a plugin written by an forum user and is not officially an Isadora plugin. You can use the Data Array actor to get the same results and it has support for .csv files, perhaps handy if you want to make an quest system like you are doing now. I find it more stable this way then use the Read Text From File plugin.

    Here is an example patch Data Array.zip

    So if you values change you will not receive an 1 until your values are the same. So if text from our file == text from our Sequential Trigger / Trigger Text you will receive an 1, but it first need to go back to zero again to receive an 1 again. If you want it to always output or the two are equal to each other when you receive a new value you can use notify = always, this will do the check every single time a new value is received.

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    Thanks a lot! This was exactly what i was looking for. :)