[ANSWERED] How to output multi-channel sound

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    I am working with an artist who would like to output 8 channels of audio to be distributed to specific speaker locations around a 36 mtr U shaped projection.

    The sound is expected to sync to a sequence of panoramic video. The artists’ idea is based on sound scores derived from observation/relationship to specific trees that appear in the video of rainforest. The sound speakers are positioned to be points of audio origin along the 36 meters of projection.

    I am using Isadora for the projection and have been asked to provide outputs for the 8 tracks of audio. Is it possible to output all 8 tracks to separate channels if they were encapsulated in the video file as multi track audio?

     I will be using a Focusrite Clarett Pre 8 that I am hoping will be up to the task. 

    This gets installed on 6 November so I am actively looking to solve the multi channel sound output.

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    I actually just went through this with the team because they requested to learn this, so it was a timely request. We now need a companion article for Windows. ;-)

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    Hi @mark,

    That is amazing! so grateful for the detail that you have provided in the tutorial, especially considering, as I understand it, that there are changes to how Isadora will handle multichannel audio in the Catalina and cross-platform future.

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