[ANSWERED] Blackmagic Capture Camera to Disk does not work in v2.6.1

  • Capture Camera to Disk -does not work.

    Good afternoon, everyone!

    Faced such a problem.

    isadora 2.6.1- Macbookro 15inch MacOS-10.12.5.

    Capture Camera to Disk -does not work.

    with my video card -blackmagic ultra studio 4k.

    the built-in video camera works.

    Tell me what can be done!

  • Tech Staff

    This is a known limitation in Isadora 2.6.1. Black Magic video inputs can not be directly recorded.

    You can however capture it if it is sent to a stage using the capture stage actor.

    Therefore you may want to setup an extra stage for this purpose.

  • DusX- thanks, understood!