[Answered] updating old patch to Izzy 3

  • Hi, i have an old (rather complex) Izzy patch i'd like to update to Izzy 3 to take advantage of the vid-gpu performance benefits. After loading the old patch into Izzy 3 i replaced and re-wired all the movie player, projector and video mixer actors but they're still all showing vid-cpu. Within the patch i copied one of the movie players and projectors, connected them together and they changed from vid-cpu to vid-gpu. Is there a way i can get my old patch to work using vid-gpu or will i need to build it again from scratch in Izzy3?

    Thanks in advance, Mr J

  • Tech Staff

    when you detach the links, the connection balls are probably green. When green they can be mutated (converted from one type to another) if you connect to another that is vid-gpu the link should switch type.

    Depending on how old your file is you may need to replace some depreciated (classic actors, or other show in red) actors to fully modernize the project.