• I am trying to get 4 channels of incoming sound triggering 4 separate outcomes.

    I have a Presonus 44VSL input/output box. At present I can see all 4 inputs in the live capture settings and can assign these to a single channel, either 1,2,3or4.
    Various actors then allow me to access that channel but what i seem to be missing is an ability to sub-select the 4 inputs on the respective channel.
    I have an inelegant workaround happening using multiple hardware input options, but seek an elegant soft solution.

  • I now see my problem is a little more complex than i first described. what i really want is 4 frequency bandwidths from each of 4 track inputs triggering a total of 16 particle systems.

    My initial limitation was that i was only using the sound freq watcher whcih only looks at a single channel it would seem. The sound level watcher and SLW+++ will give me the 4 inputs from my hardware box but not allow me to breakup the freq bands. Alternately Sound Input to a parametric or graphic EQ will give me the 16 channels i need but only as audio not as control info (energy and trig). So now what i am missing is a actor that will convert audio output from the AUparametricEQ to control data??

  • Dear timeg,

    Well, Isadora basically doesn't yet support what you want to do. While it recognizes the multiple inputs on a single Live Capture Input channel, it doesn't allow you to access them individually yet. I am afraid I don't have a good solution for you at the moment. You can submit this as a feature request, but there are many other items pending.
    Best Wishes,

  • I would love this too and have submitted a feature request. I want to be able to work with multiple sound inputs because piezo mics are such simple triggers. In the meantime I've had to build this in Max /msp and send midi triggers to Izzy.

  • @lpearse

    I have used piezos about 10 years. As trigger reader I like to use MIDI brain or better yet Arduino. But as audio input - what would you use to bring in multiple inputs?

  • I use a Beringer ADA8000 over ADAT into whatever audio interface I'm using.  This lets me use 8 piezos, while having 8 outputs. For an upcoming installation, I'm using an Focusrite Saffire Pro 24, which gives me 2 more inputs and 6 more outputs, and in the past I've used a MOTU 8Pre, giving me 16 inputs.  This has the advantage of using the same device for multichannel playback as for piezo input, with far less configuration than setting up an Arduino. I've never used a MIDI brain.

  • I think that drum MIDI interfaces(brains) like Alesis DM5(12 IN); Alesis USB Drum Pro(10 IN); Casio RZ1(8 IN); KAT midi KITI (8 IN) to name few, are very easy to use.

  • They look simple enough, but there's still the issue of needing 2 devices rather than 1, as well as a midi interface. And sound input also has it's own capabilities that a midi trigger can't replace, such as the ability to work with frequency, so I still would prefer to have multichannel sound input. But you are right that for simple triggers these would suffice. Except that I already have audio devices because they are more useful in their own right.

  • But you are right that for simple triggers these would suffice. Except that I already have audio