• Hi all,

    I am preparing low cost show for one place and I would need to create within preferably ISA this routing. Audio player out to BT headset earphones, BT headset mic to default - or system out audio. I am able to create a patch, but it keeps crashing. Please anybody advice? It is evidentially crashing when I connect BT input. Does not like it somehow. Is it possible even? 

    Thanks a lot in advance. 


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    Hi there, 

    That seems like a weird one. What version of Isadora are you using and what version of macOS ?

  • Hi Juriaan, thanks for replying. I am using 2.6.1 - should be the last from 2nd generation, if I am not mistaken.

  • I would likely guess that your Bluetooth device does not support a proper sample rate, many connect with strange sample rates that might not be support well.

    Check in audio/midi setup and see what sample rate your devices support. If it is not 44.1 or 48k that count be the cause.

  • @fred Hi there. Thanks a lot. Yep, it is outside of this parameters. So I suppose I get another device with sample rate within parameters or some receiver and plug it into soundcard.

  • @em_tx are the headset (input) and Bluetooth device for output the same device? Can you set them to the same strange sample rate?

  • @fred Hi Fred, sorry for delay. No it is not possible. Actually the problem is, that 8000 is also sample of internal mic and they are getting mix up by system.

  • So generally speaking this suppose to be the solution - Aggregate device as a multiple audio interface. However, it is extremely buggy - it does not even root properly, especially with devices of various sample rate. 

    So only solution is to have a proper headsets via radio over sound-card. It's pity as it could have been quick&cheap workaround for small works and testing.