[FIXED for 3.0.4] ​no control value update on slider in 3.0.3

  • no relaiable control value update on slider in 3.0.3 at all.

    we test excessive to port a 2.6.1 patch to 3.0.3.

    everything is working except a) in any way artnet updating values to eurolite artnetnode not in the same smooth way then in 2.6.1

    and, and this is more crazy, because we have no idea which screw we can rotate to chance anything,

    b) if we choose show value of linked .... in control setup of a slider, it doesn´t update by fading or switching between scenes???

    and also some copied scenes show complete random values on different sliders, most time all or part of them at 100,

    but not showing up this wrong values in the connected actor in the patch area.

    we do some test patches in 2 and 3 and also a new patch, with only one slider in control panel, and a trigger value actor,

    works in 2.6.1 but not in 3.0.3.

    any solution?

    thx j.w.

  • ..... in 3.0.2 the same, and 

    if we try to fade from scene to sene with maybe 2 seconds fadetime (crossfade), then the value is shown on the slider for the duration of the fade, and jumps back to a wrong 0 when the fade is over.....

  • ..... the same behavior on dails......

  • .... with text edit, everything seems to work correct....

  • Tech Staff

    Okay hold on. First of all, try to explain your issues clearly. We get that you are working with Isadora 3.0.3, are you on MacOS or on PC ? If so, what version of the operation system ? Do you have a simple patch that we can look into, so that we might be able to help you further ? Just copy your project, remove your own media / logic and have a simple repro for us to look into.

    If the problem is urgent you can also send an official support request to the people of Troikatronix.


  • @juriaan

    pc xmg schenker , geforce 1070,

    win 10 build 18362

    3.0.3 and 3.0.2 the same, 2.6.1 ok

    with 2d sliders the show value update sometimes works, but not all the time. in all available 3 versions.

    the thing with the correct showing while fade is also in all 3.x versions we can test.

    thx. j.w.

  • Tech Staff

    Working on a solution..

  • @juriaan

    the problem is they show up the rigth value while fade and goes to wrong when the fade is don.

  • and we work in this way from the first day of version 2, doing 100+ shows exactly this way, and never was only one wrong feedback after scene changing for sometimes 60+ faders in the control panel.

    and no we can´t reproduce the behavior in 2.6.1. there is everything as in the manual descriped.

    thx. j.w.

  • Tech Staff

    I see what you mean now. 2.6.1 doesn't has any issues, 3.0.0 till 3.0.3 does. I will send the repro to the Izzy staff.

    Ticket has been created under my work e-mail hello@juriaan.me

  • sorry, but another thing,

    on the beginnig we told that the artnet out also is not smooth, we find out that this is only so, 

    if we use controlls with linked propertys, maybe a feedback of the behavior from above....



  • Beta Platinum

    @deflost said:

    control value update on slider in 3.0.3


    I have just started working on a patch wth a lot of control Sliders on Mac OS Mojave using Isadora 3.0.3. When entering next scene the 'linked value' behaviour of a Slider appears to be unexpected when progressing through scenes with the spacebar cross fade and when more than one scene uses the same 'control ID link'. For example I have a 'Colorizer' between a Movie Player and Projector with Control ID linking to Sliders in the Control Panel. When I progress the patch to the next scene using the spacebar I do not get the updated 'linked values' of the destination scene sent to the Sliders when more than one scene is linked to the same control ID number. However, the current linked values of a scene will appear just when the spacebar activates a cross fade to the next scene, but we do not get the values of the now current scene on the Sliders.

    So what should the expected behaviour be? That each slider parameter is cross faded for the duration of the scene wide transition? Or that the slider is updated after the scene crossfade has been completed?

    I am not sure what the implications are, but implementing a transition for individual parameters is most likely too costly in terms of processing power. But an update of control parameter values when the next scene transition has been completed is potentially a good option.

    Best Wishes