[ANSWERED] number to text actor

  • hello.

    is it possible to use text formatter to take the output integer from a counter actor,

    to send it to the text input (channel) from a matrix send actor?

    or is there a other simple way to translate integer numbers to there text form?

    the only way we found is to put the numbers as text in the inputs of a table actor.

    trigger the counter with pulsegenerator.

    thx. j.w

  • This is exactly the kind of thing the Text Formatter can do.

    1) Add a Text Formatter
    2) Double click the actor
    3) Replace "data" with P1 and click OK
    4) Now number inputs to 'param 1' will be converted to text

    If you needed three numbers separated by commas to, for instance, send to an Arduino or something

    1) Add a Text Formatter
    2) Set the 'params' input to 3
    3) Double click the actor
    4) Enter the following text

    P1 "," P2 "," P3

    5) Click OK
    6) Now the three numeric inputs will be converted to a text string like "1,2,3"

    There are many options to control the formatting of the numbers. Click the "Help" button when the actor's dialog box is open to learn more.

    Best Wishes,

  • thank you very much, also for fixing the control panel update so fast.

    the westfernsehen team, leipzig.