[FIXED 3.0.5] Big crash in Windows with 3.0.4!

  • After a break with another activities, I come back to Isadora and installed the last beta version : 3.0.4

    After installation, during Isadora launch, the computer restart and after restart, window explorer crashes every time I try to open a new window.

    After deinstalling Isadora, the computer seems working normally (i hope so…)

    That's all.

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    I haven't had any problems installing or running 3.0.4 on Windows.
    Please give it another try. Maybe clear the preferences first just in case.

  • Not the time now, I will try tomorrow.

  • hello.

    we have in 3.0.4 also unexpected and a kind of random crashes in win 10.

    most time when we work in or with user actors, which have connections with the control panel.

    also the control panel eg on sliders not getting updated when the value are senden out of a user actor.

    and if we work in open user actors, some actors outputs are not recognized by the inputs of other ones. the connections are there 

    but no trigger or values are  transported??? we have to close the ua and save the patch and restart izzy, then most times it works.



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    Please make a new support request at https://support.troikatronix.c... and make a new bug report. Then the issue will be adressed, naming issues on the forum is not helping the developers to splat the bug.

    Thanks :)

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    I am also having issues with 3.0.4 on Mac OS. The Isadora interface becomes unresponsive and I can not get any menu or any part of the program to respond to a mouse click - force quit the only option. Changes not saving. The scene displayed in the patch window not matching the scene being played to the outputs. And quite a few other issues.

    I have not had a chance to properly trouble shoot this but I will start by deleting the preference files.

    Is it normal to expect to delete all Isadora preference files when updating versions?

    This is all happening on a machine that is currently installed for a installation/concert season. The circumstances lead to a series of technical challenges including the need to replace the main Isadora computer with one that required Isadora 3.0.4 to be installed over a version 2 license hours before showtime. All this in an evocative industrial space but adding to the challenges without internet or mobile coverage.

    I will be able to do more to investigate these issues in the coming days. It was enough just to get the show to its premiere last night.

    Best wishes


  • I retried today,

    Installed Izzy OK

    Opening Izzy OK

    Importing movie and playing it OK

    Opening Window Explorer Crash

    Quitting Izzy

    opening Windows Explorer OK

    opening Izzy Ok

    openning Windows Explorer OK

  • @bonemap said:

    I am also having issues with 3.0.4 on Mac OS.

    For what it is worth, 3.0.4 is _barely_ different than 3.0.3bXX versions you have been working with as part of the beta program, so I am surprised by this report. The last minute change was what I consider a super-safe fix for the Control Panel bug that was recently identified. Please keep us informed about this @bonemap.


    After installation, during Isadora launch, the computer restart and after restart, window explorer crashes every time I try to open a new window.

    Regarding your report, if these crashes continue, I would like you to replace the file at C:\Program Files\Isadora 3\HAPCodecWMF.dll with the one in the .zip file below. This is the HAP codec for Windows Media Foundation, which did change for 3.0.4. The version I'm offering you is from a previous version of Isadora 3.


    Please let me know if this has any effect on the Explorer crashes for you.

    Also, Jacques, do you have the DropBox extension to Exporer installed? (I guess this is called Smart Sync?) I saw this DLL mentioned in a crash report I reviewed last night that was submitted to our server. I don't know if this crash report was yours, but I wanted to ask because I suppose there might be some interaction between the DropBox extension and the codec.

    Best Wishes,

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    @mark said:

    Please keep us informed about this

     At this point I am going to assume the extreme behaviour issues I experienced on Friday night were due to the situation of running up a USB key version of 3.0.4 on a MacPro last used with  Isadora 2.2.2 running High Sierra and perhaps conflicts created by old preference files. In the mad rush to salvage the 3 channel projection from what appeared to be a failing machine and at the last minute putting together an eight scene concert on a replacement. I have to admit I went blank on the simplest procedure of resetting Isadora preferences. I managed to complete all the scenes but was saving a new instance of the file after every new scene was created because it would not save any updates to the current file. After resetting the preferences, there doesn’t appear to be any further issues. However, I will be building a similar show in the coming days and will report any issues.

    I guess I have learnt a lesson here about resetting preferences and how easy that is to do in Isadora 3.

    Best wishes


  • There is definitely a bug in the v3.0.4 release in Windows. I have prepared a new build, 3.0.5. Please follow this thread here for more information.

    Best Wishes,

  • @jhoepffner 

    It would be incredibly helpful if you installed the 3.0.5 version and see if the crash you reported has been fixed.

    Thank you for your time if you are able.

    https://troikatronix.com/files... (win standard)
    https://troikatronix.com/files... (win usb key version)

    Best Wishes,

  • @mark

    So, after a plumbing day, I tested quickly v3.0.5 and it seems ok, no explorer crash, hap is playing normally.

    I will do a more profound test tomorrow.

    – I doesn't changed the Hap codec, I suppose its not necessary with 3.0.5

    – I doesn't installed any dropbox plugin on my Windows computer. I have it on my Macos computers.

    Good night,


  • @jhoepffner said:

    – I doesn't changed the Hap codec, I suppose its not necessary with 3.0.5

     Yes, that is correct. Thank you Jacques for the test and confirmation.