[ANSWERED] Routing Multichannel Audio on Movie Player

  • i have searched the forums re my issue with no direct help so. 
    I need a movie player with 4 audio outputs 

    I use a 4 channel audio interface ( Berringer)  connecting to my mac via USB  

    The channels are for various sounds needing to be in sync with video file  

    How do I do  this ?

    Also do I use 1 video player and 2 stereo sound players  and will they play in sync when connecting to that particular scene 

    Or is there another way ?


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    There is an Isadora tutorial for multitrack movie files here for Mac OS using Final Cut Pro. And here is one for creating a multitrack video file in Adobe Premiere.

    If you are on Windows I believe a solution for multitrack audio is still under development.

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  • Dear @Tr742 

    Please note, you can adjust the track layout in QuickTime Player 7 without even needing to use FCP X or Premiere.

    Read the tutorial tutorial for multitrack movie files here for Mac OS to learn how.

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  • thanks once again for info. quick time 7 works for me only thing I need to know is what format should I save in at the moment I save and render ALL my movie file with AVF H264  batch capture as recommended by Lucas and my video file have run very smooth in players.for past 2 years 

    Do I have to save as a different codec?

    Ta Tr742


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    I think the same codec as what has been working well for you should be fine.
    Just make sure the audio settings (usually separate from the video codec settings) are not mixing down to stereo.
    I would recommend Uncompressed for the audio, as this has worked well for me.
    Do a couple tests to find the right setup.

  • @administrators dusx sorry been away on tour now trying to resolve issue with your wonderful advice. just need to know your advice re sofware was quick time Im guessing would be quick time pro as the others are playback only.  Have tried to download info says no longer available. Do you have a link for available software that would allo me to add upto 4 tracks of audio save and run with izzy projector