[WORKAROUND/LOGGED] Leap Motion Actor doesn't work with latest SDK

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    Hi there all,
    It seems that the Leap Motion Actor doesn't work with the latest release of the SDK, I had this issue at the Werkstatt before and it seems that Izzy can connect to the leap when you use the 2.3.1 SDK, anything newer then 3.x (SDK) doesn't seem to work. Izzy just cant connect it. The visualizer of the leap works.

    Since the leap motion is still under active development, it might be wise to disconnect the leap from the program and include it as a plugin instead that gets published to the plugin section.

    Izzy 3.0.5, Windows 10 (also tried it in Izzy 2.6.1, USB version)

    Thanks !

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    Unfortunately the newer SDKs have removed support for a number of features, as their focus appears to have shifted to VR.
    We recommend the 2 series sdk/drivers to get the maximum range of features, and maintain backwards compatibility.
    Support of the Leap motion will need to be reviewed in the near future.

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    Ok clear. Please create an support article about it

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    Hmmm, I'm wondering why TouchDesigner (yes I know I should not compare software) works with the latest SDK and the features are quite the same as Izzy in that regard

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    @juriaan said:

    why TouchDesigner (yes I know I should not compare software) works with the latest SDK and the features are quite the same as Izzy in that regard


    But seriously, I logged this and Mark will investigate when there is time to do so.

  • @Juriaan and All,

    I have verified that our Leap Motion Watcher actor does not work with the Leap Motion v4.0.0 Drivers, but that it does work with the Leap Motion Orion Beta v3.1.2 and the LeapMotion v2.3.1 SDKs under Windows 10. (MacOS is not affected by these changes.)

    They seem to have radically changed things in the corresponding SDK, removing all interface options except for the Windows only C# (C-Sharp) and moving to a C language only interface. Our Leap Motion Watcher relied on the C++ interface so perhaps this is why it will not work with this latest Leap Motion Orion SDK. I will be posting on the Leap Motion forums to find out if there is some way to get our existing code working with the 4.0.0 system -- though I am not terribly hopeful. Leap Motion seems to be going in an entirely new direction (AR/VR) and the tracking API's all seem to be getting thrown under the bus. :-(

    To get your Leap Motion working with isadora, the simplest route is to install the Leap Motion Orion Beta v3.1.2 SDK. You will need to create an account with Leap Motion to download this file.

    Installing the 2.3.1 version found on this page is also possible, but requires performing the not-too-complicated "hot fix" as described in the leap motion forum.

    I have tested both v3.1.2 and v3.1.2 installers with our Leap Motion Watcher actor under Windows 10, and it seems to work as expected.

    Best Wishes,