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    I've been working on a patch that heavily uses javascript actors and believe I may have corrupted my whole patch as a result. As far as I can tell, Isadora has been handling infinite looping errors within the javascript actors by running for a while and then eventually crashing. This hasn't been a major issue before, but I believe I may have accidentally created an infinite loop within one of my actors without realizing it and then I saved before Isadora crashed. This has resulted in my entire patch becoming unloadable, giving me a spinning beachball of doom before crashing Isadora. A large amount of work has been lost so I'm wondering if there's a way to "uncorrupt" my patch or recover a previous version?


  • Izzy Guru


    The only way I can think of is that you remove the JavaScript actor from inside the Isadora application. I only know how to do it on a Mac. Right click on the Isadora application and select “Show Package Contents” --> Contents --> MacOS --> Isadora Plugins. Move the Javascript.izzyplug to the desktop. 

    Best Michel

  • @blackmoonhowling

    I don't know how to help you in this specific case, but you should definitely have a look into Isadoras auto backup and versioning capabilities for future incidents!

    Preferences -> Auto save

    Good luck!

  • Tech Staff

    it may help to set the preferences to load none (don't load a scene on opening), then open the file and pause the engine. Once paused open the scene and edit the JS. That process may allow you to do what you need. Michel's suggestion should work for sure.

  • @michel Removing the javascript actor, loading the patch, saving it, and putting the javascript actor back seems to have worked. Unfortunately it cleared all the code in the javascript actors, but I have some of the raw code saved elsewhere so its better than starting from nothing. Thanks for the help!

  • Tech Staff

    Did you try my suggestion?
    It could work because you are stopping the execution of the JS before going to edit it.
    It wouldn't remove your code.