Lemur interface send Midi Note

  • Hello
    I'm using Lemur on iPad
    I want to know if it is possible that when I select an interface (page) on my Ipad, it sends a MIDI Note ON
    (To automatically select a page on my Isadora software)
    thank you

  • Tech Staff

    I don't think the Lemur iPad app sends a message for changing pages... Never thought about it.

    I will look into it.

  • hi

    just install [midi monitor](http://www.snoize.com/MIDIMonitor/)
    and look for any signals coming through when you select you interface. if you can see it there you can catch it in isadora

  • Tech Staff

    I don't think it does, It might do with OSC though. I need to check.

  • well download osc monitor or osc datamonitor then :)

  • Tech Staff

    I have OSC Monitor ;) Just not had the time to set it all up at work.

  • thanks a lot!!!

    here is the answer to your question : 
    thanks to you i reach in liines's forum and find this... it works great
    I was in the same case as you... 

  • ... by the way... same question ... same day ... are Nieto & wilfrid the same person ?..

  • Or also, if you install the latest pre-release (here) then you can use the new Monitor window to see all the OSC and/or MIDI messages that are coming and going. This new feature is very helpful for things like this.

    Best Wishes,

  • Thank you everyone! I actually asked the same question on forums liine

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