Feature request. Actor labeling for GPU or CPU based

  • Tech Staff

    I see a lot of discussion in the forum lately regarding video playback. Much of the problem is that most people are trying to work with HD video footage now.
    HD footage causes a number of performance issues due to its large size, and will cripple a machine quickly if cpu heavy processes are used.
    I suggest a labeling of user actors.
    Some method of visually determining if the actor is CPU or GPU based.
    Maybe a modification to the current user actor icons? and/or a toolbox method of sorting?
    Also with the pending introduction of FreeframeGL, labeling freeframe actors as FF, and FreeframeGL actors as FFGL might make good sense.
    Since Isadora has a wide array of stock video actors that are cpu based, and an increasing number that are GPU based this would allow users to easily utilize a fule GPU pipeline in development.


  • How about different colours for each?



  • Tech Staff

    colors would help. I was thinking something as obvious as a small 'cpu' in the bottom right of CPU based actors, and a 'gpu' top left of gpu based (or the same corners?), but the additon of a color change would really help.

  • Dear All,

    I'm happy to consider this, but in the meantime you can rest assured: if it says CI or QC in the beginning of the name, it's GPU. Otherwise, it's CPU.
    Best Wishes,
  • Beta Tester

    @mark, I was under the impression that projector actors are GPU based. Is this not the case?

  • Dear MattheH,

    Ok, I stand corrected. The various Projector actors, along with any of the 3D actors, are – generally speaking – GPU based. Didn't think that through carefully enough.
    Best Wishes,
  • Beta Tester

    So just to clarify:

    **GPU Based**
    All projector actors
    All 3D actors
    All CI actors
    All QC actors
    and I would assume all FFGL actors eventually
    **CPU Based**
    Everything else
    Is that correct?
  • Tech Staff

    This is good to flush out.
    I know I am pretty keen to try to work within a fully GPU based pipeline, breaking out only when absolutely necessary.

  • Beta Tester

    At the moment, my understanding is that it is only possible to have a fully GPU based pipeline if you are working with Core Video on OSX or if you have access to the version of Isadora with FFGL support and are willing to work entirely with FFGL effects instead of the ones built into Isadora.

  • Tech Staff

    Thats my understanding as well. Still its the direction I am aiming.
    My FFGL collection is already growing.