Stage Setup & Show Stages are not working randomly with 10.15

  • I'm redesign an old patch and struggling with randomly crashes of Stage Setup & Show Stage at IZZY 3.07 and 10.15. There is no stage output to a projector.

    They are running again after multiple system restarts. I don't see this behavior in with 10.13.6. Base on missing audio driver for 10.15 i have to of split Audio and Video to different mac's. IZZY has to run on new Macbook with 10.15.  

    Any hints are more than welcome .....


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    I have recently installed 3.0.7 on a MacBook Pro and had issues of regular crashing. There are two things that I did. The first was resetting the Preferences. After still experiencing crashes I found that the user actor folder I currently used caused the application to crash. This was with OS 10.14.6, however resetting your preferences might help for 10.15

  • yes ... i cleaned up my preferences  ....  now it seems to be more stable ... thanks