• Hi everyone ! Someone has experience with this Canon 60 D camera or similar ... First of all I am receiving the image from the camera monitor and not directly, this is evidenced by the low resolution and because I can not I need to remove the box around the image I receive (I am using the Black Magic mini studi recorder via HDMI out of the camera.
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  • @ril

    I don't think that the Canon 60D produces a 'clean' HDMI feed. What you get via HDMI is not full resolution, which is why you get low resolution into the Blackmagic device. 
    You can install Magic Lantern to remove the focus box overlay.

    If you can find another camera to use instead, life would be easier.

  • @mark_m 

    thanks for your answer.. I have used other Canon camera a bit modern model and I did not have this foucs box problem. Could it be an explanation? What I don't remember is the quality of the resolution whether it was high or low...

    My other question is: with this type of cameras only the monitoring image is obtained and the "direct image" cannot be obtained? Or is it a question of the camera model? 

    Wich of this ones is the one ? https://builds.magiclantern.fm...

    Thanks a lot !!

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  • @ril

    Yes, more modern Canon cameras give a 'clean' HDMI feed without the focus box.
    The problem with this and other early Canon cameras is that the camera feeds an HDMI image in standby that is not a full 1920 x 1080, it's about 20% less, and then if you record video the resolution from the HDMI output is even lower. If you search on YouTube for Canon 60D HDMI there are a few videos that demonstrate the problem.

    The version of Magic Lantern that you want is the one for the 60D on the page that you linked to:



  • @mark_m Thanks...what I see is that link is Windows only, or Am I wrong?


  • @ril

    It's not Windows only: it's a zip file which you unzip and then copy on to the memory card which goes in the camera.
    Maybe it would be smart for you to read the installation instructions carefully, as Magic Lantern replaces the firmware of the camera...!

  • @mark_m ah ok...thanks for the warning