Perfomance of Izzy Demo Version

  • I would like use for a six week installation the demo version of Izzy. 

    Due to i haven't found a hint to this topic , is there any performance penalty of the demo compare to the license version?

  • Tech Staff


    Hi there,

    The only limit in Isadora is that you are not able to save your work. You can rent a license for 17 euro / month, so that would be 34 euro total.

    I strongly recommended that you purchase a license so that you can atleast save your work

  • thanks no performance limitation in Demo .....

    For editing i have a license. The patch will run in a gallery and there is no need for saving changes.

  • Tech Staff

    Then you are all set. There is no such thing as performance mode in Isadora. Other programs have this like TD and Notch I believe but not in Izzy world.

    Goodluck with your piece