• Hello all,

    With Isadora 2 on my Mac, I was using a ffgl plugin called " ffglcolourpass ", that I found in Resolume if I remember well, wich allowed to select a specific color existing in a video, for example a red rose, keep it, and output the rest in black and white. ( in my case it was more like blood ;-) ) 
    On Isadora 3, this plugin does not work. I try to put it into the directory FreeFrame_x64 but of course I guess it was hopeless if it's a 32...

    Any idea of a replacement effect or a workaround?

  • Hi,

    this maybe an approach to get what you want with on board Izzy actors




  • Thank you very much Reinhard, that's an ingenious workaround. I will try to integrate in my scene, wich is already quite complicate and with a live feed as source. But actually, may be the settings of the chroma key will do better than the original plugin to separate the color...