Map video to only a portion of a 3D model

  • I have a video which I have successfully mapped to a 3D model of a head. The problem is, the video gets wrapped around the entire 3D model. What I would like is to wrap the video only on the face of model. Does anyone know how to control where on 3D model your video gets mapped to?


  • @murbs

    Based on some extensive testing of the texture mapping possibilities in Isadora, my advice would be to do the texture mapping in a 3D modelling software. For example, the latest iteration of Blender has an excellent UV mapping feature that will allow you to precisely position your video before it is all imported into Isadora. The options to move the texture on a model interactively in Isadora is fairly limited and also unpredictable you might have some luck with the 3D Player module in terms of resizing.

    Best wishes