• Hi

    Im new to this but I normally use resolume arena and mad mapper

    I have an inquiry where I need to project to 4 walls of a room exhibition using HD projectors 

    The visitors will enter the room and a camera must capture there outline and project it to the wall 

    The outline must be moving and dancing like a shadow through the 4 walls

    So I was wondering if this is something I can do with Isadora!

    Many thanks to all in advanced 


  • @zzz


    There is great potential for you to achieve a dancing shadow using Isadora configured with skeleton tracking, for example with a Kinect and third party software such as Ni mate or Z Vector. There is also a mythical (yet to be released) skeleton tracking plug-in that has been proposed as an Isadora module that may function with other Isadora features to create digital puppets that could fulfil your project description. I do not know when this new plugin might appear though.

    Best Wishes 


  • Tech Staff

    A very simple version of this can be accomplished, by using a live camera input (you may need to play with back vs front lighting).

    Then applying a Threshold actor (to create a black and white only version of the video input). Then the Edge actor (this will trace the edge between the white and black) providing the outline.

    You can then send this outline/shadow to any outputs and/or mapping you like.