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    Hi there all, 

    I wanted to share this amazing little User Actor / Plugin that I made for a fellow Isadora forum user. The tool is called IzzySun and it allows you to calculate the time that a sun / moon related event is happening at an certain location. So for example we have a piece that needs to trigger a scene for an entire year when the sun starts going down in London. We can do that now with IzzySun, just find the longitude and the latitude and you are all set !


    I made an example Isadora file with 3 examples 

    • Get a trigger when the sunset starts in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    • Get a trigger when the night starts in Berlin
    • Get the hours / minutes / seconds when the night started at Disneyland Californa, 25 December 1970

    Properties that are supported

    • sunset (when the sunset is done)
    • sunsetStart (when the sunset has started)
    • sunrise  (when the sun started to rise)
    • sunriseEnd (when the sunrise was over)
    • night (When the night period starts)
    • nightEnd (When the night is over)
    • dawn (the beginning of twilight before sunrise)
    • dusk (the period of twilight between complete darkness and sunrise)
    • nauticalDawn
    • nauticalDusk
    • goldenHour


    The JavaScript code is provided by mourner with his project Suncalc under a BSD license, BSD means that you are free to use it for any personal / commercial project as long as you keep the credit inside the patch / work that you provide. You are not allowed to remove the credit given to the orginal author.

  • WOW - thanks so much. I needed this kind of brilliant thinking several years ago for an installation... I came up with an ugly kluge - so pleases you shared this!