Seeking Users: Help Us Test Something on Monday, Jan 13th at from 5-7pm CET?

  • Dear All,

    So, we're going to a time-specific test of something on January 13th. If you have 10 minutes to spare during the following time frame, we could use your help.

    Date & Time:

    January 13th:

    Europe: 5pm to 7pm
    UK: 4pm to 6pm
    East Coast USA: 11am to 1pm
    Central USA/Mexico: 10am to 12pm
    Mountain USA: 9am to 11am
    West Coast USA: 8am to 10am

    What Do I Need to Do?

    Simple Version:
    Open a patch in Isadora, and then choose Help > Check for New Version...

    More Complex Version:
    1) Go to the folder holding the Isadora Preferences (~/Library/Preferences on MacOS, C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\TroikaTronix on Windows)
    2) Drag all of the files that say "Isadora Prefs X.X.X.izp" to another location so that you have no Isadora preference files in the preferences folder.
    3) Drag a patch on to Isadora

    If you do this "More Complex Version", Isadora should immediately check for a new version and show the dialog saying a new version is available. 

    In either case, we'd ask you to report back only if you see some negative effect from this dialog showing up.

    Why Are You Doing This?

    So, it's a bit embarassing to say, but the feature that automatically checks for a new version has never really been used. We hesitated to make this feature live because we were worried that the automatic dialog that would show might cause people some trouble. But we really need to get this going and so that's what we're asking you to help.

    Note that you will not need to actually get a new version. If you click the download button you'll be redirected to a page announcing this test, and letting people know that if they already have v3.0.7 they do not need to upgrade.

    So, if some of you can join in on this, we'd appreciate your help and feedback.

    Best Wishes,