• I have been working with a reasonably large setup, playing a 7680x2160 (so 8 X HD) HAP AVI video file. 16 virtual stages, 7 beamers and 16 projector actors with quite a lot of mapping and masking. I am super impressed by the way Izzy handled this, a few glitches in mapping, but regular saving meant I never lost anything. Izzy ate this file and gave consistent smooth playback and loops (as far as I could tell seamless) for hours on end with plenty of headroom.

    In a few scenes there are crossfades between 2 movies this size and it is also pretty smooth. During the prep for the same project for a while I was playing 16 full hd 24 fps hap files and they also played pretty amazingly. With hap I could start the files at the same time and they would stay in sync, even when setting speed to 0 and 1 again to pause and play.

    At first I was sent h264 files, the difference between these and hap in performance was huge, starting and stopping the h264 made them go on one by one (yes I was playing 16 full hd h264 videos at the same time). Doing the same thing for 16 Hap AVI files (obviously windows) gave almost dead sync start (could have been perfect I wasn't watching timecode). However Izzy could play all 16 full HD files without trouble.

    I am using V3 and I know these improvements have been coming at a steady rate for years but I'm blown away by this performance. This is something that was not possible and a level of performance that I've only seen from very very expensive media server systems.

    @mark and the rest of the team, current performance is outstanding, thanks for your hard work!!

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    Actual footage of @mark , @DusX , @mc_monte , and myself at this moment: