Open mapper in user actor without all the layers of the user actor

  • I think this kind of breaks the logic of the way user actors work, but I almost always wrap projectors in user actors for mapping, sometimes several actors deep. It would be great if there was a way to open the mapper via the trigger but not have to close all the enclosing user actors. I know this messes things up, as this is where we get to decide if we want to update all the versions of the user actors or make unique, but I can dream.

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    Personally I'm not sure that we could change this behavior because, as you said, it kind of needs to work the way it works.

    That being said, instead of wrapping your projectors, you could try using broadcasters and listeners to route all video to a global mapping scene so you only need one instance of each mapped projector:

  • @woland I have used this sometimes, but its not only the mapping that I want things in user actors for, also for organisation and screen realestate as well as other functions. Maybe a solution could be an alternate way of closing the mapper (shift and click on the x) and then the standard user actor pop-up, but for all enclosed actors. At any rate, it is far from a deal breaker but just a bit annoying when you are working to map a lot of stuff fast.

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    I agree with Fred and asked this before. In complex mapping situations I leave out (if possible) the projector out of a group for this reason.