Suggestions for LeapMotion Watcher and video manipulation

  • For this project, we want to create the impression that a person's hands are creating smoke trails using Leap Motion Watcher.  Is such a thing possible?  

    The idea is 2-fold:

    1) We have footage of fire output to the projector.  This fire "grows" with the hand count on Leap Motion Watcher (i.e. as more hands trigger the Leap sensor, the movie watcher is set to play video files of progressively larger fires.  

    2)On top of this, participants are supposed to be able to wave their hands and create the impression that they are swirling smoke around the fire.  

    I'm wondering how this can be achieved, or if this is best suited to a different software.  And apologies if the answer is obvious; I'm new to using Leap and Isadora combined.

    Thank you!