Need LeapMotion Actor and 3D particles advice

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to use LeapMotion Watcher and 3D particles to create an interactive projected installation. However, I need some very specific particle behaviors that are hard to nail.  The particles are supposed to look like stars, and participants are meant to use their hands to collect and "toss" stars into a sky-like environment.  The motion I'm envisioning is similar to this video from 0:58 onward:  (this was not made in Isadora, but it's a similar type of hand motion and particle behavior):

    I've been studying the documentation of 3D particles, but it's all very difficult to follow and/or the videos are too blurry to see.  I know it's not difficult to get particles to start emitting, but tracking the appropriate motions of gathering and tossing, as well as making the particles appear to react to this motion (especially tossing, and how that action would translate into the LeapMotion Watcher's parameters like "swipe", "roll," etc) is very hard for me to concieve of.  Does anyone have any suggestions to get me started in the right direction?  Thank you, and please let me know if this is unclear.