[Answered] overlay a cropped section of one video over another

  • Hiya, am wondering the best way to overlay a cropped section of one video over another?

    So for example, if i take this video of a leaf...

    and crop it like this...

    i'd then like to overlay it over a second video of a city so it looks like this...

    I've tried playing around with Panner, Zoomer and Chopper but can't figure out how to get the cropped section of leaf?

    And was wondering how to then overlay this over the second video (of the city), so city is behind and leaf is on top? Or maybe i have to combine the top part of the city with the cropped leaf and the bottom part of the city (by also cropping both parts of the city) and then combining all three cropped parts together?

    Any guidance is much appreciated. Thanks, Mr J

  • Crop actor?

  • OMG, how did i not see that... cheers, just what i was(n't) looking for

  • Very easy: Video 1 goes to the top input of the crop actor, video 2 to the second input. Crop and overlay.izz