TCP commands to remote control analogway livecore devices

  • Hello community,

    I would like to control Analogway devices by sending tcp comands.
    while searching the web, I found this troikatronix link to a documantation about it. But no forum thread here.

    Does anyone here has experience with controlling livecore devices by tcp commands?


  • @DillTheKraut i ones did it but have to look for the file, Lately I used companion to control the ascender. You can build custom Sequenzen for example to switch confidence monitor layouts or inputs with the syntax layout out in your referenced manual. Companion could be controlled by OSC.

    Best clemens 

  • @DillTheKraut i checked my harddrive and looks like the attempt to control the ascender hasn't been worked out, there is some heavy back and forth involved in the communication with analog way. But i can really recommend bitfocus companion they take care of it. It is difficult to send a "T-Bar Level" with companion but analog ways products doesn't really like it at all to be in-between memory settings. In the downloaded livecore commands there shall be an overview of all variables you can use "LiveCore_TPP_variables_for_v04-02-23" with the "send custom command" in companion. Just be aware that they start there numbering with 0 so preset 6 has to recalled as preset 5 internal.