[ANSWERED] One stage to two locations? Can that be done?

  • I have three shows. They are running on a beamer on a dedicated screen. (one stage) But now I want to double that stage to another beamer, that covers the whole cyclorama. Of cause I can add a stage and add projector for that stage to all scenes in the show. But is there a quicker way to get my second image? For instance at the spot where you assign your stages to virtual screens in the stage setup? Could save a lot of work (-:



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    good question.

    It appears to be possible using the Stage Setup/ Blend Maker. Create a blend of two displays that overlap 100%, then assign individual video output displays to each part of the blend.

    I made a screen capture here.

    The only caveat is that the displays may need to be the same resolution to get both outputs to conform. I tried a few variations with displays of different resolutions but could not get any continuity with them. 

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    Another fast approach would be to split the cable.
    HDMI splitter perhaps. This won't take any additional system resources (bonus)

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    @dusx said:

    split the cable

     This was one of my first thoughts too. Wouldn't it be great if beamers started to incorporate hdmi/digital output/throughput, they still appear to implement VGA outs for some reason. It can be a great way to extend multiple projectors for projects that have matched left and right symmetry mapping and where you can use the projector internal options to reverse the image.

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    @dusx said:

    HDMI splitter

     I've done this before with identical displays and it works fabulously.