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    We love working with Isadora software, but we are so very isolated from all of the amazing Isadora gurus that frequent this forum. Here's an opportunity that might change all that ...

    Bonemap ( are seeking expression of interest (EoI) from potential suitable collaborators for 'SPINE' a two-week creative development residency at the Tanks Arts Centre, Cairns, Queensland Australia during the 31 May - 13 June 2020. The creative research is underpinned by the theory of Environmental Aesthetics, a philosophical approach that unpacks the relationship of human awareness towards spatial environments through the sublime.

    SPINE will be a new, media and performance work that incorporates contemporary dance and innovative scenography based on extending the potential of Isadora software in a non-traditional performance setting. We intend to create a new developmental work for presentation to Australian audiences at the Tanks Arts Centre at the culmination of the creative development period, mid June 2020.

    The theme of the new project is to be based on a journey of experiences. Imaginative representations of iconic coral reefs and tropical rainforest that speaks to forest health and ocean conservation worldwide. 

    Confirmed artists include:

    From Japan

    From Indigenous Australia

    The potential creative collaborator will have advanced digital scenography skills that allow the rapid development of innovative technical and creative solutions within a non-traditional theatrical context.

    This has the potential to be an intense collaborative development and creatives will require a deep tolerance for working across cultures, disciplines and ideologies.

    Accommodation can be made available on site at the Cairns Botanical Gardens residency house. A trip to the iconic Fitzroy Island, Great Barrier Reef is included. Travel expenses to Cairns, Australia are not provided as part of the package. However, arrangements can be negotiated for the right person (if you are a hot candidate we will see what we can do).

    Please send a preliminary response to bonemap by 21 February 2020 and include links to relevant biographical material and prior project examples.

    Feel free to post any questions here in this forum post.