• I'm trying to use 6 ipod touches to send accelerometer data from touchOSC to isadora but I cant get Isadora to recognize the devices at the same time. Any tips?

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    It appears TouchOSC will not let you receive distinguishable accelerometer data from 6 devices all at once - only one.
    However, you can do 6 custom layouts for each of the 6 devices and send control data to Isadora at the same time - just not the gyro/accelerometer.

    But that's OK, because there is GyrOSC

    It allows you to add custom tags to the outgoing gyro and accelerometer data so it can be identified as individual devices in Isadora.

    It even provides the ip address of each device as an OSC message (/ipport).

    The interface is not as elegant as TouchOSC, although it can be run in the background and it has great options for what you appear to want to achieve.
    With all 6 running simultaneously you might find there are some UDP bottlenecks.

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  • Thank you so much @bonemap You are a lifesaver. I got this working in rehearsal and I'm about to put this tracking data to use!