Isadora stays stuck on startup / ExpressCard/34-USB2.0/4Ports

  • Hello, I've bought an ExpressCard/34-USB2.0/4ports. It works well on my MBP4.1.
    But when it's plugged (nothing on USB ports)  and I lauch Isadora (1.3.0.f32), It stays stucked to "MIDI Initialising".

    Turn off the computer, remove the ExpressCard, reboot, and everything's fine again..

    Any clues ?


  • Dear Philippe,

    Could it be that there are some stray MIDI drivers that are confused by this device? Try temporarily removing everything from /Library/Audio/MIDI Drivers or from ~/Library/Audio/MIDI Drivers -- could that be the problem? Do other MIDI enabled softwares boot up OK?
    You can also Force Quit and then use the applet at this link to send me the crash reports:
    That will tell me something about where it got stuck.
    Best Wishes,

  • Dear Mark,
    I figured it out. When no Usb device is plugged in the ExpressCard, Isadora hangs. When a mouse or an usb-midi controller is plugged (and recognized by the mac), Isadora loads normally (and midi is working). I think this express card is a crappy device. I had a hard time reproducing this "midi Initializing" hanging behaviour. The applet didn't find any Crash report after force quit of Isadora. So I copied the apple one into text edit.
    But don't burn your head on this, the problem's solved and I'm not sure to use this device..!

    Thanks again for your concern.



  • Dear Philippe,

    Well, it was definitely stuck when attempting to load MIDI, though it is not totally clear why the ExpressCard caused this problem.
    But I'm glad you found a solution to the problem.
    Best Wishes,

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