Is it possible to run a Isadora file from Q-Lab?

  • We have a show next week in which I am supposed to be compiling simple slideshow-like images.  I would just render a movie, but there are some sections in the dance that are in silence and are not consistent and need to be triggered (with crossfades).  I thought of Isadora right away as I have used it successfully in the past.  Problem is, the theatre and the projectionist doesn't have Isadora.  They run QLab.  I only have a PC, so I can't even download QLab to play around with it.  The director is getting nervous and I want to explore all possible options as to calm nerves.  BTW I am also a dancer in the show, so there is no chance of me bringing in my computer and running it (although that would be a sight).  Any suggestions would be appreciated as around here I don't know anyone that is versed in video projection for dance.

  • You could run Izzy in demo mode on the Theatre's machine.  The only limitation is that you can't save, so you'd have to use your machine to create and edit the file and then transfer it over.  I do it often and it's an easy way to hand a file over...

    Or, you can also trigger Izzy with Midi from the theatre's machine to yours... QLab is all set up for that as long as they have purchased the Midi module. You'd need USB (or something else) Midi boxes for each machine.

    Or, you could just run the video from QLab.  For simple playback, Qlab is okay... (I know that's heresy - sorry!!)

    Lot's of options! Search the forum; there's been quite a bit of discussion about this.



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    Honestly, if you are just cross fading between images or movies, you're best bet is probably just to use QLab by itself. It's no match for Izzy in many applications but in this case it would probably be totally suitable

  • What about Powerpoint?  It is cross platform compatible and easy to create and operate.

  • Hmmm... I see the new version of QLab was just released today!

  • Have we figured out a way to integrate Powerpoint into Isadora yet?

  • HI, I have done exactly this for a complex show, but cant reply to this till tomorrow. WIll do so then. It works very well and ran flawlessly for a month of shows.

  • Hi Callie, I asked the QLab operator to send a MIDI Program Change message on Channel One for all cues needing to be activated in my Isadora patch.
    In Isadora I used a MIDI Program Change Watcher actor to receive the trigger. I also used a Sequential Trigger actor inside each scene to receive the Program Change triggers, since each scene had different amounts of cue. You adjust the Sequential Trigger actor in each scene for however many QLab cues (triggers) you need the scene to have.  The last trigger of the Sequential Trigger actor in each scene was for the jump to the next scene.
    There are other ways to do this.. as always there are many ways to skin a cat, but this worked well for me, and was reliable, since I had multiple cues within each scene to be triggered from QLab.
    Hope that helps

  • @kevinjesuino... you could use a video screen grab software to create a Syphon video stream of your Powerpoint and Syphon the image into Isadora.