OSC into d&b audiotechnik DS100

  • Hi folks - has anybody managed to get Isadora talking to a DS100 matrix? 

    The OSC protocol is outlined here.

    I don't have one, but am researching tech solutions for a project that will probably use one, so it would be great if i could know for sure its possible to send OSC between Izzy and the DS100. It looks pretty straightforward on paper, but i don't know much about this kind of thing.......



  • Hi John,

    I don't know Isadora but I've done it for others (Usine, Chataigne, Lemur, Max 4 Live...) so it should be super easy.

    Let me know if you need help !

    Cheers, Mat

  • Tech Staff

    Once you've got it figured out, it'd be great if you could post the info on how to do it here so that others in the future with the same question can find the answer on the forum. If this is a common use case, we may even consider making a Knowledge Base article for it.

    Best wishes,


  • @dbini The only thing I can see causing issues is that in the protocol it says you can query a crosspoint by sending an address but with no payload. I dont have a unit to test but niether the OSC transmit or multiTransmit actors let you have no payload, it seems if a value is not entered it sends a payload of 0.

    From the OSC protocol document:

    Example of retrieving a value (read):
    /dbaudio1/matrixnode/enable/21/31 [without any value]
    This command retrieves the state of the Enable function at the crosspoint of input 21 and output 31 in the matrix.

  • Tech Staff


    Would you not be able to setup Stream Setup with these address types, and then use the OSC listener?
    That seems to me to be the same as what they are outlining. It may take a large Stream setup depending on the Matrix size though.

  • @dusx it's about sending a message with no payload not receiving.