OpenNI Tracker Body + Skeleton Tracking: Public Beta "Soft Launch"

  • Dear Community,

    We are ready to enter the public beta phase of our OpenNI Tracker plugin, which allows Isadora to capture a depth map image, and to do body/skeleton tracking, using a Kinect v1, Orbbec Astra, or Intel Realsense D435.

    Visit the OpenNI Tracker plugin page to download the plugins for your platform. (Note: because there are separate downloads for Macintosh and Windows, you cannot use the download arrow at the right! Instead use the links provided in the description.)

    Like all Isadora actors, this plugin has rollover help to introduce you to the various parameters. But to give you a solid introduction to this exciting new plugin, we have prepared an Isadora file that takes you through the basics so that you can start using bodies to perform interactive control right away. Please visit the OpenNI Tracker Tutorial page to download the tutorial file and its accompanying media.

    We also have a written tutorial ready. We'll get that published in the next 24 hours.

    We're announcing this as a public beta because there are still a few lingering reports of crashes that we have not yet been able to reproduce consistently. If you have crashes, please report them using our ticket system instead of posting that information here.

    Please feel free to offer your experience, reactions and feedback here.

    Best Wishes,
    Mark + The TroikaTronix Team