[ANSWERED] What exactly do these "cycles"?

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    what exactly do these "cycles" in Isadora 2.x? Is there an explanation somewhere? Why shouldn't I just set them to "1x per frame" to save performance?

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  • we also want to know about this?

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  • Tech Staff

    Hi there @TimoD

    Cycles in Isadora are basically the logic operations / framerate of the threads that handle the User Interface / responsiveness of the program. So if you make complex show's that require a lot of processing power to actually output the visuals that you want you will see that Izzy starts to slow down and cause some issues within the program, it will miss certain signals if the Cycles drop too much or get's below twice the Framerate speficied at the bottom of your screen. So if we wish to push out 30 Frames / second we want our Cycles to be 60 Frames or Higher. 

    How more tasks Izzy has to do within a Frame = the less cycles you will have.

    As in the Isadora manual:

    "Indicates how many times per second Isadora can process all active scenes in all currently open show documents. Higher numbers indicate less load on the computer.When the complexity of your patch is not taxing your computer’s hardware, this number will approach the value specific by the “General Service Task” rate in your Isadora Preferences. As the complexity of your patch increases, this number will go down. You should not be too concerned until this value goes below twice the current frame rate"

  • @TimoD 

    Or said as simply as possible: how many times per second can Isadora process all of the active actors in all of the active scenes. Thus, higher numbers are better because it is servicing all the actors more frequently.

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