Keyboard text to a projector and saved in a file

  • I have reviewed the forum posts for handling text and have not found help with this task. I want to type a phrase (approx 25 alpha-numeric characters) and have Isadora display the phrase and save it to a file for future retrieval and use. Thanks for your assistance.

  • Well as far as I am aware, the only way to save information to disk in Isadora is the data array, which only accepts numerical values.  The trick is how to get your text string to be represented as a series of numbers in the array.  I think you can do this with the text parser actor.

  • If I had to do this I would send the string via OSC to Processing, and use Processing to save it to a file / send the string back (OSC) to Isadora...

    Alternatively, I would program my own custom actor using the Isadora SDK.

  • Dear Vanderzee,

    Yes, Isadora has no functionality to save a text file to disk I'm afraid. You'll have to use some kind of external to do that.
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    @mark. Can we officially request that functionality as a feature request?

  • You can officially request it. But I will officially need to prioritize it. ;-) Seriously, I'll do what I can. But trying to really nail down the new release, and trying (TRYING!) to not add anything new until I do.

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  • Izzy Guru

    _nail down the new release, and trying (TRYING!) to not add anything new.

    _Me Like.

  • @Michel: hahaha. thank you my friend. Encouragement towards minimalism. ;-)

  • thanks everyone. i'll use an id# for now

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    Hello vanderzee,

    I made a user actor for a project last year to do pretty much exactly what you're trying to do (absent the external text file). More or less it's a text version of the table actor, cobbled together from lots of text triggers. Saves any input text phrase (in my case coming from incoming OSC packets) to one of 10 spaces and lets it be output independently.

    Here it is w a few brief instructions in the user actor. Hope it might help you out.


  • Ian, Thx. I played with your actor a bit to understand how it works. Tell me more about "incoming OSC packets". I want to be able to type a person's name and have it displayed and saved.

  • Dear All,

    Here's a solution that allows you to type, and even backspace, characters on the keyboard and accumulate the text as you go. It's heavily commented so it will hopefully make sense.
    But keep in mind the dangers of the backspace key.
    Got some actors selected when you press it? D'oh! They're gone! ;-)
    Best Wishes,


  • Thanks Mark I will tinker with this, backspace aware!

  • Was the problem with saving the text file resolved? I'm looking to receive an input and store it as a variable which gets gets displayed and overwritten.

    Also is there a way to exclude an input from Marks scene above, so as to use with a keyboard watcher used as a trigger? Any thoughts on erasing the text collected this way as well?
    If any of these questions are unclear I would definitely be able to clarify.