3LD Workshop Feb 29th - Special Requests

  • Dear All,

    This thread is for the participants who will take my workshop at 3LD starting on Feb 29th. 

    If there is something specific you want to learn, especially if it involves interfacing external hardware with Isadora, I would ask you to post your requests in this thread. That way I can come prepared for those topics.

    I look forward to meeting you all next week!

    Mark Coniglio

  • I am interested in integrating some cameras, which I have.  Up to 2.  I also am curious if I can output a live maxjitter to Isadora?  Beth

  • Hi Mark,

    I am curious to see if the kinects (either version) still integrate with Isadora. 

    Also, I have an old PS3Eye camera. Is that still supported? Should I bother to bring it?

    Thanks! Christine

  • Hello Mark!

    I have two things on my wish list:  GLSL shaders and integrated Kinect support.

    I have used Kinect with Isadora in previous versions, but used an external app for the processing and then fed Izzy via syphon.  I have yet to play with the integrated version.  I plan on bringing my Kinect with me.

  • @sslezas said:

    I have two things on my wish list:  GLSL shaders and integrated Kinect support.

    Happy to oblige. ;-)

    Best Wishes,

  • Is it possible to export an HTML canvas element (that involves a live video feed) directly into Isadora?

    (we are using the p5js library to create elements that overlay video input and want to be able to pull the video out of the browser and into Isadora.)