how to use Camtwist as camera input from a stage window

  • hi folks

    I'm experimenting with Camtwist as a video input to make a little feedback loop from a stage window back into the patch.

    At present, I can easily use Camtwist's 'Desktop+' function to click and drag a capture area over the izzy stage window. This is great, but if I move that stage window, I then have to redraw the frame. 

    Camtwist can also 'select from existing application windows' - but the izzy stages are not listed in this menu.

    How can I get Camtwist to find the izzy window directly? (rather than draw each time?)

    - Camtwist offers something called a 'Regex' search:

    This field is for finding windows by comparing the app name and title with a regular expression. - Example: ^Safari .*News - See http://www.regular-expressions... for more information.

    anyone familiar with this?

    many thanks!


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    Just checking but you know about Virtual Stages in Isadora and the way they work ? (Sorry, I dont get why you are using an external tool to make a feedback loop)

  • what Juriaan said, plus there used to be some serious issues with Camtwist and Isadora - its probably all fine now but for a while ( a few years ago ) it was a nightmare even having them both installed on the same machine (mac)

  • thanks for the suggestions - @Juriaan @dbini - the 'get stage image' actor seems to be doing the trick in V3. I need to look more into virtual stages for sure. I'm still mainly tinkering along in 2.6.1 to be honest, partly because of the dither actor!

    Camtwist isn't ideal it's true, but I kind of like hacking things together (I wonder if there is a qualitative difference in the patterns that emerge?) I was also curious about to the REGEX thing. 

  • @Videosmith

    'A regular expression, regex or regexp is a sequence of characters that define a search pattern. Usually such patterns are used by string searching algorithms for "find" or "find and replace" operations on strings, or for input'

    wikipedia regex

    In your case it's not helpfull at all, as it doesn't generate anything, but helps to find things in big data.

    As the stage windows are not listed anyway, they can't be found, even by regexes. This is probably because of the stage windows having a special visual status, called video overlay.

    If you want to work with izzi 2, syphon could be an alternative for you.


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    @dillthekraut said:

    If you want to work with izzi 2, syphon could be an alternative for you.

     Syphoner or ScreenCaptureSyphon with Syphon used to be my go-to with Isadora 2

  • thanks @Woland @DillTheKraut for the syphon suggestions :)