Which Mac Mini running Isadora 3 will work for me?

  • Hi I'm a humble noob! 😌

    I'm working on a project where I want to use the movements of performers to generate midi triggers that will then go on to create sounds in another program. I'd like to have them have some sense of control.

    I've got a Kinect 1 - will that work with Isadora? (but if it's simpler, maybe I could use a video feed?)

    I'm looking at this list of Mac Minis https://www.jigsaw24.com/apple...

    Any thoughts on which will work well for me? My budget is limited.

    Thanks! ☺

  • I'm looking at this one. 

    Apple Mac Mini 7,1/i5 4278U/16GB Ram/1TB HDD (that's 2.6GHz)

    Will it work?

  • I have a couple of those old Mac Minis - they're great with Kinect1, but some models only have USB2 and Kinect2 needs a USB3 port. if you're just using kinect1 with the Isadora OpenNI plugin, running MIDI out to a DAW then I'm sure that model will be more than suitable.

  • Oh brilliant! and thanks. It's got four USB3s - better than my laptop of about the same vintage! Just bought it for £285 s/h off CEX.

    Do you think it would handle a DAW running on the same machine? A simple one perhaps?


  • @charles-bata

    yeah - no reason why not. (pun intended)