Isadora V3.07 / Win 10 - isa random crashes

  • Hi,
    I've been creating a patch for a theatre show, and I have some bugs : it seems to crash randomly. I use a single projector to project playback movies and a Logitech C920 video signal. Sometimes I receive inputs from another computer that sends me sound input that I get with the "Sound Level Watcher" object.

    I've tried to reinstall Isadora (at first I was working on Isa 3.01, I already had this bug, so I tried to install 3.07 version. I have the feeling that the crashes occur less often, but it crashes anyway).

    I've updated the graphic card drivers (NVidia Geforce GTX 1660), nothing changes...

    The crash sometimes occurs in a random scene, but I've noticed that it has occured many times on the "CONFIG" scene.

    I post my patch here, maybe I did a mistake ?



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    Please submit a support ticket. You can be helped more directly through the help system.
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