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    Me & the team are currently in tech for a huge theatre production following a non-linear storyline. We are running most of the cueing from Jump By Name and today during Q2Q it stopped responding. We restarted Isadora, and the computer, started a new file, tested it in a new patch (didn't work), went back to our patch (didn't work), went back to new patch (it worked!) and back to ours and it worked again. 

    It is now working without issue, but we are wondering if it has to do with having too many scenes? (we are running 176 now), or if it's a bug? Or something else?

    Would love any insight we can get! 

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    Andie / Sammy / Shang-Han

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    @andielloyd said:

    any insight we can get

     You should submit a ticket for this - if it is still unresolved.

    link to troikatronix support.

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    In a pinch the native Jump To Cue actor can be used in many of the same circumstances to replace the Jump By Name actor if it's being finicky.

  • @andielloyd said:

    Would love any insight we can get! 

     Andie, I guess the answer will be "no", but could it have possibly been any kind of misspelling of the Scene Name? This actor is dead simple in what it does... it's difficult for me to imagine what might cause it to fail.

    The only other thing I can think of is that something went haywire with loading some particular scene, and no act (clicking on scene, space bar) would actually get the next scene to activate. Does that ring any bells?

    If you want to submit your 176 scene patch so we can try to recreate the problem, please send it by submitting a ticket.

    Best Wishes,

  • @bonemap

    Thank you so much! It was resolved after a few restarts. 

  • @woland

    Will keep that in mind if we have similar issues in the future!

  • @mark 

    After some intense testing, and a few restarts, it inexplicably began working again. We aren't sure why, and don't really know what we did to make it work again. It just began responding like normal. 

    If I run into this again, I'll document it more thoroughly and submit a ticket. Thank you for taking the time to respond to this, once it started working again I was so absorbed back into our tech that I didn't check back for the responses. 

    Thank you Mark, @bonemap and @Woland for your time & help!