Version 1 (!!) actors that I miss....

  • I occasionally have to go back and remount older works, some from as early as 2009, Isadora version 1!

    These are the actors that I miss:

    v 1 actors that I miss

    What are your favorites? There was a really good edge one, as well, that as been replaced by a modern one...

  • I loved The Edge (I think it was called). It always seemed to be in auto-arcade-game-mode and made everything look very 80s (in a good way), but with a bit of care you could turn it into glorious line drawings.

    I'm sure I got a lot of use out of a classic kaleidoscope as well, unless I imagined that and it was always a CI or Quartz actor of the same name. Rarely used it as an actual kaleidoscope but it was a really quick way of creating single reflections. In workshops people love 'disappearing' into themselves or dipping under water with a horizontal reflection.

    I'm sure I used TimeBlur fairly regularly, although I'm not sure I ever fully understood it. Wasn't there a TimeWarp as well? If not, there should have been.