[ANSWERED] Decimal value to hexadecimal

  • Hi! I´am trying to control a very simple DMX rig (just 3 DMX channels) through a Enttec ODE interface. I would like to make it works directly from Isadora (I don´t want to use a intermediate software as QLC or Luminair and control them by OSC). The ArtNet send Actor looks fine to do this, but I am not able to convert decimal values to hexadecimal. I just need to make a couple of fading lights! 

    I found in the forum how to convert from decimal values to hexadecimal using the text parse actor, but I am not able to do the opposite way.

    I appreciate any help!



  • Hi Daniel

    check out:

    Controlling LED Strips via ArtNet

    A led pixel is a just a fixture with three addresses ( in this case via artnet) so there should be plenty of intel for you there

  • Thanks!!! I'll have a look on it