• Hi everyone ! From the difficulty of operation that the USB cameras have in low light conditions, I thought of the color type AHD cameras ... I understand that they use a coaxial cable (is it correct?) which allows many meters of distance from the operator . Now what does it take to convert that type of signal and reach Isadora normally? Does anyone have experience using these cameras? Or is there another type of solution?
    My current project is a dance work that uses a webcam in zenith position with an usb extend 20 meters to the operator with a Mac book Pro.

    Thanks in advance !!


  • @ril said:

    AHD cameras

    AHD cameras use non-standard resolutions that may be difficult to capture in a live setting. You may be better off looking for an SDI box camera like this and getting a capture card. Be warned that the higher frame rate HD signals may also not adhere to industry (SMPTE) standards, this is often true of the 1080 50p and 60p settings. 1080 25/30p and 1080i50/60 are usually fine. You will then need a capture card, this will depend on your computer but there are many for thunderbolt and USB 3.0- again check the specs carefully, often the cheaper ones will not capture 3ghz signals like 1080p 50/60 but will capture 1.5ghz signals like 1080p25/30 or 1080i50/60.

  • @fred Thank you for your detailed response! then I move away from the ahd cameras ... It seems very interesting SDI cameras really, apparently they are not so expensive, but it seems to me that the cables over long distances are not economical. I have a Mini Recorder Black Magic so it could be a solution. I imagine there will be cameras that are not specifically SDI but that do have that SDI output


  • @ril SDI cable is not super expensive for 1.5ghz and can go easily 100m or more depending on quality. It is easy to repair on site and there are a lot of options, pretty close to the cables for AHD cameras. SDI is pretty specific so I doubt there are cameras that are "not specifically SDI but that do have that SDI output"

    The mini recorder will work, but only at 1.5ghz rates like 1080i 50/60 and 1080p25/30 or lower. At any rate it is a good combination, the lenses are cheap and the security cameras usually have an OSD with manual settings.