Wondrous Place theatre show - touring the North from May 15th - izzy projections

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    I’m currently designing projections for [A Wondrous Place](http://northernspirit.org.uk/ "Wondrous Place") – a new touring theatre show by director [Chris Meads](http://northernspirit.org.uk/chris-meads/ "Chris Meads") (Northern Spirit). The show features four new pieces, each set in a different city in the North (Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield), and the creative team are also assembled from across the four cities. The stories all avoid the ‘grim up north’ cliches, instead portraying characters who creatively and imaginatively engage with their surroundings, which means there is some nice potential for clever uses of projection.  As well as creating new custom user actors in Isadora, I’ve also been getting to grips with projecting across two screens using the Matrox tripleHead2Go.

    The show opens on Wed 15th May at the Unity theatre, before touring the other 3 cities.

    Liverpool Unity Theatre
    15th-18th May
    Box office

    Sheffield Crucible Studio Theatre
    23rd May – 1st June
    Box office

    Newcastle Northern Stage 2
    4th-6th June
    Box office

    Manchester Royal Exchange Studio
    11th-22nd June
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  • Hope the tech is going well Sam?

    See you on Saturday afternoon!
    Joe ST

  • Cheers Joe - been a tough one! its up now and went well apart from a couple of small glitches. Good show too.

  • pic from dress rehearsal yesterday


  • Stunning show!

    Moving, uplifting and very funny, plus some very lovely imagery that works seamlessly with the action. Nice work Sam!
    Anyone in Sheffield, Manchester or Newcastle in the next month should go see!