• Dear All,

    It's been uplifting to see so many of you show up to join the first two sessions, and it's been healing for me to feel like I'm serving a purpose during this time to by offering a place for the Isadorables to gather and be creative. All in all, the sessions have gone well, but I've made some rookie mistakes: on the first one, having the chat display in a position where I had to turn my head all the time, having my mic live during the 10 minute "stay tuned" title card yesterday, and -- the worst of my blunders -- giving out the wrong URL for the example file for yesterday's session.

    I know you'll all say it's fine, and of course it is, because as my father Luke has often said to me "Everyone was a beginner once."  But for next weeks sessions I expect to be better organized and prepared so that things will be a bit more seamless, so that you'll more easily be able to get any pre-session materials and thus participate without confusion.

    @Woland has offered me great support, being in the chat and helping me post-session debriefings where we look at what worked and what didn't. I for one am really grateful for his insights.

    One of those, which he offered after yesterday's session, was "Don't end the stream so soon. People want a chance to say goodbye." He's right on this, and it struck me how this is as much about creating a greater sense of community as it is about learning.

    I'm so thankful to everyone who has come by, and look forward to more. Thanks for joining me in this experiment, and for lifting my spirits with all the compliments and creativity.

    I hope some of you can get outdoors for a walk while maintaining safe social distance in the next few days. Regardless, a safe and relaxed weekend to you all. ;-)

    Warm Wishes from Vienna,

  • @mark you did it great !!! Thank you for all you've done.