• In response to this post I have made a quick and dirty datamosh plugin. It is an adaptation of the VVVV datamosh plugin that was in turn taken from Oliver Baudu

    It has 3 video inputs, you can feed different things into each of them for more interesting results, or use a video delay to offset the inputs. It is not really data moshing as that requires iframe injection, but it can make some cool effects.

    Here it is:

    Cheap Datamosh.izz


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    Do you mind if we adapt this into an official example file (crediting you of course)?

  • @woland sure, go for it, but I think it could do with some better examples, I did not want to upload a video to it, but it works really well with different inputs (ie a video and a live camera), and then more so with fading them in between, and I wanted to add a colour picker to the colour controls as well, but....

    Post the link here if you do.

  • @Fred 

    Hey played around with you creation so thanks for posting..

    so I'm curious if you know more about why the datamosh quartz composer is not working in isadora 3.. loads of my other quartz plugins work in izy 3.. I believe its even 64 bit. I really want to find a way to get it working because it was one of my all time favorite video fx. If not is there a way to build something that achieves some of the same results? The thing i really liked about the original is the ability to move pixels in a top layer video or still image based on the movement of a video behind it.. I dont know of anything else that allows that to happen. I really liked the "bloom" as well.. datamoshing was always buggy for me though since the days of isadora 1 and I fought with it being unstable for years but I couldn't give up on her.. kinda like a really hot but abusive girlfriend:) And now I'm dreaming about her and need her back in my life via Isadora 3..

  • @demetri79 datamosh is 64 bit but later version of OSX do not support quartz composer plugins or quarts composer as far as I know.