Controlling Isadora from a seperate network connection

  • I am a novice Isadora user and was planning on using it for a course I am teaching called Poetic Technology. We have just been informed that we will be teaching solely online for our Spring quarter so this makes classroom instruction impossible. Is it possible to set up a computer at my location and have students who are now stuck all over the country use the version running at my location? The idea is to have work sessions around differing topics that the students can design and run on my machine. This way I can set up multiple projector arrays or have the send serial info to other mechanical devices on my end? Again. I am a novice, especially in this networked idea of access.

    thanks you are all amazing

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    You can look at remote kvm control software. TeamViewer is one that is used widely and works well.

    Remote kvm (keyboard, video, mouse) is also built in to some operating systems. Often called ‘screen sharing’. 

    I have used the built in option in Mac OS to run remote Isadora patches. I have also used the  teamviewer software to work with clients remotely. It is also called Remote Desktop.

    The only issue really is latency and dropping network connectivity. At this time with an exponential increase in network usage due to home isolation/working from home all over the world, latency and network quality is an issue. You will also want to ensure that your network ports are secure from potential hacking, which is also increasing atm. 

    There are a number of different software that offer these Remote Desktop options.

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