• Dear all,

    I am trying to use TouchOSC as a keypad to key in something like Phone Number (a serial of numbers like 0123456789), then press enter button to send out or delete to re-type in right numbers.

    But I get stuck now...

    Is there any function in Isadora can realize it?

    Thank you so much!!

  • Setup between iPhone and your Mac: 

    -Open "OSC Touch" on the iphone.
    - Click little button in the upper right corner.
    Under "OSC" make sure, that
    - it is enabled,
    - HOST gets your computers IP adress (you find it on your Mac under Network Preferences. It says "Wi-Fi is connected to "your WIFI" and has the IP address: "...."
    (You can also check it in Isadora Preferences under MIDI/Net)
    Port (outgoing) 1234 (that is Isadoras default)
    Port (incoming) 9000 (for Isadora sending data to your iPhone)
    and if you want to send data to your iPhone, remember to write down your phones local ip adress for Isadora
    go back.

    - Choose your “layout”.
    Go out of your preferences: Your iPhone should be ready now.

    In Isadora:

    In the menu under communication: Open "Stream setup" (CMD+9)Check, that Stream select is on Open Sound control (Should be default).
    Check the little box "Auto-Detect Input"

    Move all the buttons/faders/ on your iPhone, that you want to use. Isadora should autodetect the stream now and show the channels.
    Press "Sort list" to tidy up and press "Renumber Ports" to give each channel an ID.Now Isadora is also ready to go. ;o)

    close the menu and use the "OSC Listener" actor for each individual channel or the OSC Multi Listener to receive data from several channels.

    I hope, that helps...

  • If this is about how to actually do it; there are many ways, here is one for you. In no way perfect, but it works and should get you started.

    Included is a simple touchOSC layout, an isadora file using the data array and a textfile that stores your numbers.

    It assumes you have a network setup that works. If you dissect these files, they contain all the information you need.

    Happy dialing


  • Tech Staff


    Would it be okay with you if we credit you and incorporate this into an example file at some point? (Obviously we wouldn't do so without your permission.)

  • @woland of course. It could do with a cleanup on the isadora side, or at least note that it is just a starting point. I just whacked it together for @huangyi in 10 mins

  • Tech Staff


    Thanks. We're starting to focus a bit more on content development so I've been combing the forum for interesting ideas and asking if we can use various users' patches as starting points for example files.

  • @woland feel free to use it however you like, let me know when you get to it, maybe I can take some time to write it up then